Audio Visual Services

Lights are obviously important for any event, regardless of its size and nature. In addition to helping in changing the mood, lights can shape the mood of an audience along with color, they can booth create a mood and atmosphere in the venue of the event taking place. Sound and mood are hence very important since they can also enhance the guest atmosphere. A soothing sound can relax an audience, making them feel steady and receptive steady, like ocean waves. Further, sound is important because it can tell us about character, place, and time. informing and moving us in ways unlike visuals. A combination of sound and visuals can evoke what neither can do alone.

Below, are a combination of lighting and sound related equipment which Al Oula Events can offer to enhance your event:

Lighting System:

  • Lighting Consoles (Avolite,Grand MA).

  • Dimmers (Grand MA 48 way).

  • Fresnel (Arri 1k, 2k)

  • Profile (10 , 5 , 19 , 36 ) Degree.

  • Moving Head ( Clay paky alpha HP 1200 Sports &wash.

  • Moving Head Beam (Clay paky sharpy ).

  • Moving Head LED

  • LED par-can.

  • Euro Trusses System 30.

  • Milos Trusses System 52.

  • City color LED.

  • Chaine Hoists (1/2 tone & 1 tone lodestar.

Sound System

  • Yamaha & Midas Digital Sound Console.

  • line Array (Outline Butterfly CDH 384

  • JBL Vertices 4888,FBT).

  • All live brands Raiders (Wired & Wireless

  • Microphones, Di Box , Earpiece,Amps,Stand..ets.

  • Conference delegate microphones.

  • Tour Guide System.

  • Condenser microphones.

  • Headset & Neck microphones 

  • DJ Rack.

  • Audio Recording