Simultaneous Interpreters

We can provide a complete linguistic service from highly skilled and experienced teams of simultaneous interpreters supported by the very latest digital interpretation technology to accomplished translators who have experience of an extensive range of specialist subjects.

The role of the simultaneous interpreter is central to the success of any multi-lingual conference or meeting. They are required to provide the conference participants with a seamless interpretation of the symposium. This can only be achieved if they have the necessary experience, language skills and complete confidence in the technical support and the interpretation technology.

We have many years of experience assigning teams of simultaneous interpreters to satisfy the specific requirements of both clients and subject matter. With our guidance, support and consummate technical resources, you can be assured that language will not be a barrier at your next multi-lingual conference or meeting.



The scope and diversity of translation requirements are enormous – the options and language permutations are endless. Translators must be familiar with both the subject and the media in which the translation will appear. Sometimes speed of delivery to the client seems all important but it must not be allowed to compromise accuracy and presentation.


Booths & Remote Systems

Our modular portable interpreters’ booths are easily transported and are designed to be quickly assembled on site by our technicians. The booths can be configured to accommodate two, three or four interpreters and are suitable for all types of venues. Conforming to ISO 4043 standards, our booths meet the demanding requirements of professional simultaneous interpreters and are approved by EU and UK Government agencies.

Our digital infra-red equipment provides crystal clear audio coverage without any interference from lighting and other infra-red sources, now a common problem for users of the outmoded analogue infra-red systems. The individual infra-red receivers are unobtrusive and designed to be easily carried by the users. They automatically show the number of channels in use, thus eliminating the need to scroll through unused channels. With comfortable headsets and greater intelligibility provided by superior audio quality, delegates can maintain concentration more easily throughout long interpretation sessions. We can also output the translated audio to recording devices for future use.